50 Female Celebrities with Terrific Short Hair

Check out these top-tier female celebrities' short hairstyles and cuts. All kinds of styles worn by the most popular female celebrities - pixie, bob, side-swept, braids, bangs and more. All colors and hair types too. Get amazing ideas here.

You may not want to admit it, but celebrities are trendsetters when it comes to hairstyles and fashion.  They get all the exposure. When top-tier celebs have a new hairstyle, people take notice and want it (not always, but usually).

This is our gallery where we feature female celebrities with short hair.  It’s a large collection of celebrities of all types (film, TV, athletics, personalities, music, etc.).  Of course you can check out our main short hairstyles for women, but if you like to see examples of celebrities, check out the gallery below.

Our growing gallery showcases all types of short cuts worn by female celebs – with bangs, no bangs, pixie, bob, side-swept, buzz cut, straight, curly etc.

Woman with long side bangs

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Photo of women with short bangs

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