How to Use Beard Oil to Stay Moisturized and Eliminate Itch

A bearded man putting beard oil on his beard.

There’s no question that beards are continuing their surge of popularity that they’ve carried through the last decade. The beard saw a big resurgence and it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. However, as any bearded man will tell you, it isn’t all positive. Beards are notorious for that scratchy, itchy feeling, and that is precisely what beard oil was developed for.

In this article, we’re examining how this awesome potion works, and how you can choose the best oil to stay moisturized and eliminate the itch.

What is Beard Oil and How Does it Work?

Before we jump into all the details about picking the perfect beard oil and properly applying it, it’s best to get a great understanding of the fundamentals. Exactly what is beard oil? How does it work to keep beard itchiness at bay and your beard looking great?

Beard oil’s primary purpose is to add moisture to your beard. The oil is specially formulated to both soften your beard and act as a beard moisturizer that also hydrates skin. This serves a few very important purposes:

Beard Oil for Your Facial Hair

Beard oil helps to treat your beard, avoid your beard itching, and prevent damaged hair and split ends. Think of how much we treat the hair on our top of our head, and then start to think of your beard care the same way. Beard oil does a few things to keep your beard oil happy and healthy.

Firstly, oil and beard grooming eliminates dead skin cells, skin flakes, and beard dandruff. The oils act much the same way as shampoo and conditioner and allow you to easily comb out these undesirable beard traits. Additionally, it moisturizes and shines the hair, which adds quite the aesthetic appeal as well. The oil also makes it easier for you to style and comb your hair into the shape you want. Overall, beard oil is simply a great tool for a beard appearance.

A bottle of beard oil, a dropper and a brush.

An often overlooked feature of beard oil is that it also has a great musky/woody scent that acts as a natural cologne for your face. Not only does your beard hair look great, but it will smell great as well.

And these are just the effects on your beard hair. Beard oil has lots of positive effects on your skin as well. Men tend to forget the skin beneath their beard, which makes sense because it isn’t very visible! However, dry skin is often the reason for that dreaded beard itch. Beard oil is packed with moisturizing ingredients that hydrate the skin under the beard, eliminating that beard itch. We’ll jump into these ingredients in the next section.

Overall, beard oil is great if you are looking for that shiny, well-maintained appearance that a beard should have.

Beard Oil Ingredients

Above, we talked about all of the great features of beard oil, and why it is so great for your facial hair, your skin, and your appearance. But how exactly do these ingredients work to achieve this result?

Basically, beard oil is comprised of two ingredients – carrier oil and essential oil.

The carrier oil is essentially the base oil, which is used to dilute the essential oil, and “carry” it to your skin. The carrier oil is the majority of the beard oil and is responsible for the moisturizing effect of the beard oil.

The essential oils are what add vitamins, minerals, and that great scent to the beard oil. By working in tandem with the carrier oil, they bring a well-rounded range of benefits to your beard.

Here is a quick rundown of popular carrier oils, and how they may differ:

Coconut Oil: Perhaps the most common carrier oil for not only beard oil but several popular cosmetic products, coconut oil is great for its moisturizing and nourishing effects. It is able to penetrate the skin and effectively moisturize faster than other oils, and also has a great smell that is ideal in cosmetic products. A glass bottle of coconut oil next to raw coconuts. Jojoba Oil: Jojoba oil is another popular choice. It moisturizes any dry beard, prevents an itchy beard, and is also recommended for men with sensitive skin. Argan Oil: Argan oil is great because it is non-greasy, and still easy to absorb by the skin to keep you feeling hydrated and fresh.

How to Properly Apply

So we’ve examined how beard oil works, and the ingredients which make it work the way it does. But now it’s time to get down to the practical applications. How should you apply beard oil to get that awesome, healthy beard look? We’re taking you through the steps to properly apply. Be sure to turn this into a habit for consistent results!

When and How Often to Apply?

The perfect time to apply beard oil is right after you have washed your face or showered. This is because washing your face causes the pores and the hair follicle to open up, which allows them to more easily absorb the beard oil and take on its beneficial effects.

The next big consideration you probably have is how often you should be applying your beard oil. This will likely depend on a few factors. The main thing is that you should be applying beard oil enough to keep your skin hydrated and prevent an ingrown hair, and enough to keep your beard looking great.

If you live in a dry climate or have a longer beard, you will probably want to apply once a day. If the opposite is true, you can do this once every 2-3 days. Once you settle into a routine, you will know the right amount for you.

How Much to Apply?

The next step in applying beard oil is actually measuring out how much you need. This is not always so simple, as it will depend on the length of your beard, the dryness of your skin, and even the dryness of the air.

A certain amount of beard oil on the palm of a man's hand.

For the first 6 months or so of beard growth, you will probably be fine with about 3-6 drops of oil per application. Up to a year, you will want to focus on the 6-10 drops range. Past that, you will want to go over 10 drops.

Of course, the more you use beard oil, the more you will settle on an amount that works for you. Take this guide as a metric, but apply what makes you comfortable.

Preparing Your Beard

You have to get the oil ready, but you also have to get your beard ready! After you wash your face or get out of the shower, dry your beard but be sure to leave it a little damp. This allows the warm water to keep your pores open, and the beard oil will be able to effectively penetrate and moisturize your skin.

Applying the Oil

The next step is to apply the oil. Once you’ve washed your face, prepped your beard, and measured the amount of oil, it’s time to apply it.

First, spread the oil evenly by rubbing your palms together and spreading it around. Then, you want to really use your fingers and palms to rub the oil deep into your beard. Focus on getting it right to the roots, and aim for an even distribution all through your beard. Once you have gotten to the roots, rub your palms across the entire beard, ensuring that you didn’t miss any spots.

A bearded man applying beard oil on his thick beard.

Combing and Styling Your Beard

After you’ve applied the oil, it’s time to style! After all, one of the main reasons you are doing this in the first place is to have a great looking beard, and that means taking a comb to it and forming it exactly as you want.

Combing your beard helps to untangle hairs and lets them fall straight. This gives your beard a clean, natural look. You will also comb out any stray or loose hair. This also trains your hair to grow in the right way.

With a proper beard comb, you want to start by combing from bottom to top. What this does is gets into your roots and untangles any stubborn hairs. By going against the grain, you are able to effectively untangle the hair. Once this is done, you then want to comb top to bottom to straighten your beard and have it fall naturally.

Be sure to take your time with this process. Go slow to ensure that you cover your whole beard, and avoid any pain caused by yanking at your beard.

What to Watch Out For

As you have seen throughout this article, beard oil, when properly applied, helps to moisturize your skin and beard, keeping you itch-free and keeping your beard looking great.

There is, however, a popular rumor that beard oil helps your beard hair grow, and helps your beard appear fuller. While this would be pretty great, it is unfortunately false. Beard oil is excellent for hydrating your skin and for getting rid of the itch, but there are no ingredients that will effectively promote hair growth.

That being said, it is still a great choice if you are looking for that well-maintained, natural beard that is so stylish these days. And if you can help your skin feel great too, then that’s just a bonus!

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