Hairbrush Storage Ideas

A variety of different brushes and combs on a white surface. You have a spot for your makeup, a spot for your toothbrush, and a spot for your jewelry.

But what about a spot for your hairbrush? We often throw our hairbrushes around willy-nilly, letting them land where they land. But why? Why not create a perfect place to store your hairbrush?

To keep your hairbrush in one reliable place, we’ve listed some of our best storage ideas.

Try one of these, and you’ll never have to search for your brush again–you’ll know just where to find it! 

Try a Utensil Holder

Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensil Holder, Kitchen Caddy, Utensil Organizer, Modern Rectangular Design, 6.7â by 4â

One of the easiest ways to store your hairbrush is through a utensil holder.

Utensil holders are originally designed to hold kitchen utensils like spatulas and tongs. However, they tend to be the perfect width and depth to hold your hairbrush, too!

Especially if you have a few different hair brushes, this is a great spot to store them. Utensil holders usually come in plain silver colors; however, you can decorate them.

Wrap some ribbon, paint it your favorite colors, and make the holder match your bathroom or bedroom. Now, you have a super stylish place to keep your hairbrush.

Shoe Hanger Organizer

24 Pockets - SimpleHouseware Crystal Clear Over The Door Hanging Shoe Organizer, Gray (64'' x 19'')

It may sound a bit unconventional, but the plastic shoe hangers inside your door are also a great spot for your hairbrushes.

Reserve the top few spots for your hairbrushes, combs, scrunchies, and other accessories.

Then, the rest of the organizer can be used for your shoes or other things like jewelry. Depending on what best matches your home, these organizers come in various styles and designs.

But if you already have one that you’re using for your shoes, that’s even better! Again, clean out a few spots on the top row for your brushes, and you’re all set.

Desk Organizer

AmazonBasics DSN-02950 Mesh Desk Organizer, Black

There are so many different desk organizers available for pens and pencils.

Whether they’re metal, plastic, or wood, you can find stylish desk organizers just about anywhere. So, why not use them for your hairbrush?

Many of these organizers have compartments that are more than large enough to hold your hairbrush in place.

Plus, they go wonderfully on your desk or a bathroom counter. ARCOBIS Rose Gold Desk Organizer with Drawer, Office Desktop Pen Holder with 5 Compartments + 1 Large Drawer | The Mesh Collection

With these, you can hold your brushes, combs, makeup brushes, and even makeup itself in the various different compartments that desk organizers offer.

Every organizer is different, so you can undoubtedly find one that fits your hairbrush and style, too.

Attach Them to Your Cabinet

Attaching your hairbrush to the backside of your bathroom cabinet might sound a little tough, but it’s super easy! (Not to mention convenient.) Melsan 1x4 inch Hook and Loop Strips with Adhesive - 15 Sets, Strong Back Adhesive Fasten Mounting Tape for Home or Office Use - Instead of Holes and Screws, Black

Instead of digging underneath your sink for your hairbrush, attach some velcro strips to the inside of the cabinet.

Then, attach the other part of the velcro strip (as little as you’d like) to the back of your hairbrush.

Stick them together when you’re not using the hairbrush, and ta-da! You have a floating hairbrush holder.

You can also do the same for accessories like hair straighteners and blow dryers, though you might want to attach hooks for heavier items.

Stick on hooks are just as easy to use and your hairbrush, along with other hair tools, will hang effortlessly.

DIY Hairbrush Holder

A stack of miniature colorful tin pails. One of the best ways to store your hairbrush is by making storage yourself.

DIY hairbrush holders can be made out of practically anything that floats your boat–or anything you have around your house, at least.

You can clean out old tin cans and paint them to reflect your favorite color. Or, you can find an old glass vase and fill it with marbles or jewels to hold your hairbrush in place.

These vases can be painted or wrapped in ribbons if you’d like. The design is ultimately up to you! A DIY hairbrush holder is a great project to tackle when you’re feeling a little bored.

It is easy and fun and gives your hair tools a designated spot whenever they’re not used.

Make something that you would be proud to have in your bathroom, and others will surely be impressed by your one-of-a-kind hairbrush holder.

Mini Metal Bucket

Awtlife 30 pcs Mini Metal Bucket Candy Favours Box Pail Wedding Party Gift

Do you know those little metal buckets in which you find fake (or sometimes real) plants?

Those also make great hairbrush holders. These little metal buckets are also the type you’ll see on Easter, filled with candy and decorations.

You can find these buckets in various colors or paint them with your favorite color to help them match your bathroom.

These mini buckets look great either placed on your counter directly or hanging up on the wall. To hang it, all you need is a small hook and some clothesline, string, or rope.

Once you hang it up, you have a rustic-looking hairbrush holder that no one else can replicate. You can also add a few other baskets underneath to have a series of hanging hair tools and accessories.

It can’t get much cooler (and more organized) than that!

Wicker Baskets

HOMESCAPE CREATIONS Woven Wicker Seagrass Storage Basket | Handmade Bathroom Decor Organizer Box | Toilet Tank Compartment Tissue Holder

Almost everybody has an old wicker basket in their house that isn’t being put to good use.

Instead of decorating, use it to store your hair tools! You can decorate wicker baskets in various different ways, from adding fake flowers to even sewing colorful string into it.

Once it looks the way you want on the outside, add some colorful cushion on the inside–this can be tissue paper, felt, or cotton–and place your tools inside.

These baskets can easily be placed either under your bathroom sink or right on your bathroom counter itself, depending on how much space you have.

This can add a beautiful decoration between two sinks, providing a wonderful area for your hairbrush and other tools to stay clean, dry, and out of the way.

Decorated Trays

Glossy White Sturdy Acrylic Serving Tray with Handles-10x15Inch-Serving Coffee,Appetizer,Breakfast,Butler-Kitchen Countertop Tray-Makeup Drawer Organizer-Vanity Table Tray-Ottoman Tray-Decorative Tray

You can also decorate an old serving tray like decorating your old wicker basket!

Old serving trays are ideal for products like hair straighteners because they won’t get ruined when hot. However, they are also wonderful for storing other tools like your hairbrush.

You can decorate these trays any way you want. Some paint the base differently than the handles or add a layer of thin wallpaper and adhesive to the tray.

Doing all these things enhances the look and makes it a cute place to store your hairbrush in any bathroom. Plus, they’re easy to carry and move around if you switch where you get ready.

Just carry your hairbrush tray when you do your hair, and you’ll have everything you need in one stylish place.

Repurposed Planter Box

Mayne Fairfield 5822B Window Box Planter, 3-Foot, Black

One of the most unique ways we think you can store your hairbrush is through the use of a repurposed planter box.

Planter boxes often have two or three different components that are the perfect size for holding your hairbrush and other accessories.

All you need to do is clean out the planter box and decorate it in whatever way most appeals to you.

Planter boxes tend to be a bit bigger than your usual hairbrush storage container, so we recommend placing them on the back of your toilet or even hanging them on your bathroom wall.

This creates a gorgeous look that’s unique to you and your bathroom. You’ll never want to store your hairbrush anywhere else when you see your planter box.

With how accessible and cute the container is, everyone will want to know where you got your hairbrush storage idea.

…So Many More Ideas!

This is only the beginning! Hairbrushes are versatile hair tools that can be stored practically anywhere–you need to get creative.

While some have made storage containers using PVC pipe or lint brushes, others have repurposed wire containers to hold their hairbrushes flawlessly.

The hairbrush storage ideas are endless; you need a little creativity to get them done. Check out this blog for more ideas regarding where to store your hairbrushes.

Storing Your Hairbrushes

With all of these ideas in front of you, there’s no way you’ll be left leaving your hairbrush on the counter once again.

All of these hairbrush storage ideas are not only easy to do, but they’re fun to make and can totally enhance your bathroom.

So, stop settling on digging around for your hairbrush each time you have to use it and create the perfect space for it instead.

Here at Headcurve, we have ideas regarding your hair and hairstyling needs.

We have you covered if you want more information or are looking for more helpful tips and tricks.

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