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  • A variety of different brushes and combs on a white surface.

    Hairbrush Storage Ideas

    You have a spot for your makeup, a spot for your toothbrush, and a spot for your jewelry. But what about a spot for your hairbrush? We often throw our hairbrushes around willy-nilly, letting them land where they land. But why? Why not create a perfect place to store your hairbrush? To keep your hairbrush […] More

  • A woman shaving her head in front of the mirror.

    Pros and Cons of Shaving Your Head as a Woman

    For women, shaving your head can be transformative. It can give you the freedom to feel how you want and express yourself however you feel expressing. But, with all the positives that come from shaving your head, of course, there are a few negatives too. If you’re trying to weigh the pros and cons of […] More

  • Rows of various wigs on shelves on display at a store.

    Where to Buy Used Wigs Online

    Are you curious about wearing a wig, but not sure about committing to the cost of a brand new wig? Maybe you only want a wig for special occasions, or for a specific outfit or costume. Or, maybe you like to wear multiple different wigs to change up your style, and cant invest in more […] More

  • A bearded man applying coconut oil to his beard.

    Coconut Oil for Your Beard: Benefits & More

    Beard oil is a popular product for beard moisturizing and conditioning. If you look closely at the ingredients on many popular beard oils, you might find that many of them share one common ingredient – coconut oil. Because of this, many have gone straight to the source and started applying refined or unrefined coconut oil […] More

  • A bearded man putting beard oil on his beard.

    How to Use Beard Oil to Stay Moisturized and Eliminate Itch

    There’s no question that beards are continuing their surge of popularity that they’ve carried through the last decade. The beard saw a big resurgence and it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. However, as any bearded man will tell you, it isn’t all positive. Beards are notorious for that scratchy, itchy feeling, […] More

  • A woman sporting a long straight light brown hair.

    Japanese Hair Straightening Guide

    Japanese hair straightening is a semi-permanent method of straightening hair. It tends to last about 6 months on average. This hair straightening treatment is used to achieve that “perfectly straight” look. This means it is meant to straighten each strand of hair and leave you with a head of hair that has no creases from […] More

  • A woman brushing her wavy long hair.

    How to Brush Your Hair The Right Way

    In this section, we’re outlining the basics of how to brush your hair. And we know, you already know how to brush your hair! And of course, this is true, but you’d be surprised to know that there are a few tips and tricks surrounding brushing that you might not know. It’s all about establishing […] More

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    What Does Beard Oil Actually Do?

    First, let’s run down the basics. What exactly is beard oil? Beard oil is meant to be used to moisturize your facial hair and the skin underneath. It keeps the hair on your face healthy but also keeps your skin from drying out and producing dandruff or itching in your beard. Beard Oil Ingredients Before […] More

  • A woman brushing her long wet hair.

    Wet Brush vs Paddle Brush (Which One Is For You?)

    Brushing your hair actually does more good for you than you might think. So it’s important that you understand why choosing the right brush is actually a pretty important decision. The obvious point to start on is that brushing your hair makes it look better! From styling it to straightening it, to removing knots and […] More

  • A woman shampooing her long brunette hair.

    What is the Best Way to Shampoo Long Hair?

    There’s nothing like the feeling of your long glorious locks waving out behind you in the wind, or seeing your curls bounce as you toss your hair because you know you’re turning heads. Long hair is fun and beautiful, and glorious. Until it’s time to wash it. Wash day for long hair can turn into […] More

  • A barber applying oil on a man's beard through a dropper.

    Choosing the Best Beard Oil (Complete Buying Guide)

    Lets get started with the basics of this wondrous oil. Beard oil is used as a moisturizer for your beard and for your face. It also contains vitamins, minerals, and typically has a musky scent to complement its appeal. Basically, beard oil is meant to keep your beard and your face healthy. The moisturizing and […] More

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    9 Different Types of Shaving Blades

    The ancient man shaved with the use of sharp-edged seashells or rocks but the razor only came about in the Middle Ages and the first use of the term appeared in 1290. By the 18th century, the razor industry in Sheffield, England was booming. The Sheffield razor had a curved blade that was slightly backward […] More

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