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    31 Caesar Cut Styles and Examples for Men (Photo Ideas)

    Want a great haircut but hate the high maintenance? Then the Caesar cut is for you. The name itself is derived after the Roman emperor Julius Caesar who had this short cut that is styled with his hair brushed forward creating a horizontal fringe. Since it’s short and simple (but classic), this cut doesn’t need […] More

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    31 Examples Ponytail Hairstyles for Men (Photo Ideas)

    Today, more men are attracted to grow and keep their hair long especially those who are gifted with thick and impressive locks. With this kind of style, a ponytail is one popular and common choice of hairdo since it’s versatile and easy to wear. Similar to a man bun, a man’s ponytail gathers your hair […] More

  • Beard styles chart showing 27 different beard options

    27 Most Popular Types of Beards

    Welcome to our epic beard styles article. Above is our beard styles chart with 27 beard diagrams. Below we explain each style. Related: Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000 review Chin Curtain Another look popular in the Amish community, the chin curtain is a cleaner, more tailored version of the Old Dutch, without the goatee. Like the […] More

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    16 Moustache Styles and Names (Chart and Illustrations)

    Welcome to our epic mustache styles article, chart (above) and illustrations. Learn all the different mustache styles and names associated with illustrations as examples. Chevron This is really the ideal mustache if you want a full look that is bushy and large, but don’t want it to completely cover your upper lip. While you can […] More

  • Man getting highlights in hair

    14 Examples of Men’s Hair with Highlights (Photo Ideas)

    I remember a friend of mine who was always stylish had highlights put into his dark hair. I thought it looked super cool. He’s since gone grey, but back in the day, it looked good. These days, highlights are still somewhat popular for men. There are many colors that can be used for highlighting although […] More

  • Man with brunette crew cut

    14 Best Types of Crew Cuts for Men (Photos)

    Some guys look terrific with a crew cut. Other guys like the no-hassle cut but don’t want to shave it down to the skin. What ever your reason for a crew, it can look great and an excellent lifestyle cut. Below are dozens of crew cut examples. Photos Chris Hemsworth opted for a sophisticated and […] More

  • Man with slicked back blonde hair

    34 Cool Examples Slicked Back Hairstyles for Men (Photos)

    When I was a kid I liked joking around slicking my hair straight back. I thought it was hip, slick and cool. While it’s not the most popular hairstyle for men, it’s still considered a dapper look and some men can pull it off spectacularly. We love showcasing many examples of all kinds of hairstyles […] More

  • Man with dreadlocks on the beach

    25 Examples of Dreadlocks for Men (Short and Long Photo Ideas)

    Deciding to go with dreadlocks is a commitment. It takes 3 to 6 months to dread so if you want the style, be patient. Another aspect of the decision is the various styles of dreadlocks. That’s where we can help with our huge collection of dreadlocks hairstyles for men below. Check it out. Dreadlocks are […] More

  • Side profile of a guy in a man bun.

    13 Man Bun Hairstyle Examples (Photo Ideas)

    Man buns were super popular in 2015, and while their popularity has waned a bit, they’re still fashionable. Many men with medium-length or long hair wear them to this day. Below is our epic gallery showcasing many examples of man buns (photos). Photos David Beckham shows the side profile of his man bun during the […] More

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