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  • A close look at a full-bearded man with graying hair.

    How to Color a Beard

    While I love the look of a greying beard (it makes me look wiser and more distinguished), some men despise grey hair in their beards because they believe it makes them look too old. If you’re one of these men, you’re not alone. Aging, while a part of life, can be difficult to face, especially […] More

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    18 Different Types of Contact Lenses

    For over 130 years, contact lenses have been used as an effective vision correction method. Today, they are still an incredible alternative to prescription glasses or more serious vision correction methods such as LASIK surgery. If you’re unsure whether contact lenses are right for you, we’ve compiled this guide to help. We’ll detail everything from […] More

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    How to Braid Curly Hair

    There’s no denying the beauty and uniqueness of curly hair. Many celebrities are embracing natural curly locks, and the trend has grown in popularity in recent years. That said, if you have curly hair, you might find it difficult to pull off certain hairstyles, including braids. However, while braiding hair when it’s curly can certainly […] More

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    How To Remove Hairspray From Bathroom Walls

    Not many are aware (until it’s too late) but while hairspray is perfect for holding your hairstyle in place, it can also leave nasty stains on your bathroom walls that can cause them to be discolored. If you’ve already stained your walls with hairspray, then fret not; we’ve put together a simple-to-follow guide to explain […] More

  • A variety of different brushes and combs on a white surface.

    Hairbrush Storage Ideas

    You have a spot for your makeup, a spot for your toothbrush, and a spot for your jewelry. But what about a spot for your hairbrush? We often throw our hairbrushes around willy-nilly, letting them land where they land. But why? Why not create a perfect place to store your hairbrush? To keep your hairbrush […] More

  • A woman shaving her head in front of the mirror.

    Pros and Cons of Shaving Your Head as a Woman

    For women, shaving your head can be transformative. It can give you the freedom to feel how you want and express yourself however you feel expressing. But, with all the positives that come from shaving your head, of course, there are a few negatives too. If you’re trying to weigh the pros and cons of […] More

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    What is Hologram Nail Polish?

    If you want a more unique look to your nails than standard nail polish, try hologram or holographic nail polish instead. The new trend is starting to catch on worldwide, as it provides a shiny and eye-catching look to your manicure. With that said, because it’s still a fairly new product, understand what holographic nail […] More

  • A woman showing off her red fingernails that matches her red lips.

    Why Do We Have Fingernails?

    Since the dawn of time, even before man, animals existed in the wild with claws and paws to protect them from danger and serve a host of other purposes. Health care experts believe that human fingernails evolved overtime and share similar characteristics. While some don’t really think about the purpose fingernails serve, it’s important to […] More

  • A close look at a man shaving in front of the bathroom mirror.

    How to Avoid Acne After Shaving (For Men!)

    Tired of dealing with pimples after shaving? You’re not the only one. Avoiding acne after shaving isn’t an easy task for men, especially if you already have acne-prone skin. Plus, our facial hair only adds more oils for our skin to absorb. All in all, preventing acne after a good shave may feel impossible, but […] More

  • Rows of various wigs on shelves on display at a store.

    Where to Buy Used Wigs Online

    Are you curious about wearing a wig, but not sure about committing to the cost of a brand new wig? Maybe you only want a wig for special occasions, or for a specific outfit or costume. Or, maybe you like to wear multiple different wigs to change up your style, and cant invest in more […] More

  • A close look at a woman's hands featuring fingernails with white spots.

    Why is there White in My Fingernails?

    We see our hands every day – for many of us, they’re the part of our body we’re most familiar with. This means it’s easy to notice when anything changes! Nearly all of us have experienced white spots on our fingernails from time to time without understanding where it came from. White spots on our […] More

  • A bearded man applying coconut oil to his beard.

    Coconut Oil for Your Beard: Benefits & More

    Beard oil is a popular product for beard moisturizing and conditioning. If you look closely at the ingredients on many popular beard oils, you might find that many of them share one common ingredient – coconut oil. Because of this, many have gone straight to the source and started applying refined or unrefined coconut oil […] More

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