21 Hair Salon Wall Art Ideas

Modern hair salon interior with large wall mirrors and a flower portrait on the side.

A salon is a place where people go to relax and unwind. It is one place where they truly get themselves pampered. People prefer salons that are neat, spacious, and comfortable. After all, nobody wants to get their services done at a place that is overly crowded, messy, and unorganized.

If you are a salon owner, you probably know that along with repeat clients, your salon has many new clients every day. The first impression is what makes a first-time visitor a long-term client. It is important that the décor of your salon is welcoming, stylish, and intriguing. Since first impressions are so important, why not make them amazing in an attempt to get as many long-term clients as possible?

Before people get any services done at a salon, they prefer ensuring that the services will be reliable and high-quality. If they have the slightest doubt about the skills of the staff, the hygiene, and the quality, they will probably walk out the door without getting anything done – that’s assuming they walk into your salon in the first place.

To make sure that the clients who enter through your door do not leave without availing your services, you have to design your salon in a way that captures the attention of your clients and makes them want to stick around to actually get to the service part.

Let’s say you are visiting a boutique and you are impressed by the interior; you are most likely to shop and also return to them in the future because they left a mark on you. Similarly, your salon should leave a mark on your customer so that they keep coming back to you.

Tips on Designing a Salon

When you are designing a salon, there are certain things that should be considered. Salon design is surely a challenge because you will be entertaining all types of people and having a neutral décor that impresses everyone is something that may not be simple to pull off.

1. Layout

The layout of the salon should be open, welcoming, and should allow for a smooth workflow. The reception area should be immediately after the entrance since the first encounter the client will have is with the receptionist. The reception desk should then be followed by a waiting area, and then the work stations. You certainly don’t want the stations to be right after the entrance. It might make your clients uncomfortable if they’re in full view of the general public outside your store.

2. Cohesiveness

Salon décor should be cohesive. Once you have chosen a theme for your salon, stick to it for the entire salon, starting from the reception area right up to the stations. Having a different theme for the reception, waiting area, and the work area can be a real turn-off. You should not make the client feel that they have stepped into an entirely different space when they move from one area of the salon to the next.

3. Lighting

Lighting plays a very vital role in how the person appears in the mirror. Even if you’ve given your client exactly what they want, and they look fabulous to you, poor lighting can make them look hideous in a mirror. To make sure the client loves their look when they look at themselves, ensure perfect lighting in your salon.

4. Statement

Do not hesitate when it comes to displaying some artwork on the salon walls to make a statement. Wall art is essential to give your salon the final touches. Do not overlook the walls when decorating your salon because blank walls are plain boring!

Hair Salon Wall Art Ideas

Hair salon, like any other salon, should be stylish and attractive. Designing a hair salon can be easier. A general salon offers services for hair and body and hence, should have separate areas for each service like a haircut area, a massage area, waxing area, etc. whereas a hair salon offers haircuts only. This means that hair salons only need to have stations for haircuts, making the layout and design simpler.

Since hair salons are a lot less complicated to design, they give you a lot of space to play around with the décor. Your mind is not divided into 100 directions, and hence, you can concentrate on the wall art more closely.

The hair salon wall art ideas listed below are sure to give you some inspiration for designing your hair salon.

1. Beautiful Hair on Canvas

HIOJDWA Paintings 5 Pieces Canvas Painting Beautiful Hair Salon Make-Up Nail Canvas Wall Art Print and Poster Artwork for Living Room Pictures
Click image for more info

When a client enters the salon, they should immediately know that they have entered a hair salon. Displaying a large, attractive picture of beautiful hair can deliver the impact that you are looking for. Showcasing a huge image on a blank wall over the reception area can get the job done well.

2. Hair Salon Wall Sign

Wall Vinyl Decal Home Decor Art Sticker Hair Salon Sign Girl with Stylish Hair Scissors Room Removable Stylish Mural Unique Design
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Having a ‘Hair Salon’ sign is just like having a nameplate outside a house. To hammer home the point that you run a hair salon, you can display a hair salon sign in the reception area. When we talk about décor, why not incorporate some creativity in this sign? Instead of simply putting up a sign, how about getting a super cool ‘Hair Salon’ wall sticker that is totally chic?

3. Welcome Note

Painted Canvas Sign - Hair salon wall art
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From the reception, the client will be directed to the waiting area. Displaying a welcome note on the wall of the waiting area is a great way to make the client feel comfortable. When your customer reads a welcome note that they can connect will, and one that makes your salon seem inviting and welcoming, they will automatically be a lot more comfortable and trusting towards your services.

4. Large Wall Sticker

FAWER Hair Salon Collage Wall Art Vinyl Sticker - Hairdressers Beauty Salon Shop
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If you have a huge wall that stands blank, you should utilize it as a blank canvas to get the most out of it. Filling the walls with too much color or text can make the area look congested. A good way to avoid this congestion is to use wall stickers. Wall stickers are sweet and simple. They add style, elegance, and a class to any area. A wall sticker that is specific to your hair salon is a great hair salon wall art idea!

5. Hairdressing Equipment Wall Decal

Wall Decals Hairdressing Hair Beauty Salon Decal Vinyl Sticker Haircut Scissor Combs Home Decor Window Decals Living Room Art Murals Chu572
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Having hair salon specific wall art adorning your salon walls is a great way to create a theme. You can always go neutral with wall art, but hair-specific wall art will have an entirely different impact on the interior d̩cor of your hair salon. A wall decal featuring all the hairdressing equipment Рscissors, combs, hairdryers, and a water spray gun is the coolest hair salon wall art.

6. Hairdressing Equipment on a Canvas

Stylist Salon Hair Dryer Stretched and Framed Contemporary Pictures Canvas Art Prints for Home Decorations 12" X 16"
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As mentioned earlier, having wall art that is specific to a hair salon not only adds to the décor but also plays a significant role in creating the appropriate atmosphere. A painting of hairdressing equipment on canvas will look amazing. Not just would it translate the objective of the salon but will also add a pop of color to your hair salon, making the atmosphere livelier.

7. Touch of Fun

What Happens At The Salon Stays At The Salon Barn Wood Plank Hanging Sign Rustic Wall Decor Beautician Hanging Hair Stylist Saying Funny
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Keeping the atmosphere light and lively at a hair salon is very important. The friendlier the environment, the more comfortable the client will be. When the client feels comfortable, they will be more vocal about what exactly they want you to do with their hair.

Satisfying the customers 100% is only possible when you know for sure what they want. So, in this regard, adding a little fun to the atmosphere can only be a good thing. Cool and funky wall art for your hair salon will do the job right!

8. Encouraging Wall Art

Life Is Too Short To Have Boring Hair Beauty Salon Shop Wall Decal Quote Barber Art Letters Words Wall DecorLarge,Black
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Not all customers who come to your hair salon will be eager to get their hair cut. Many people totally love their hair, and to convince them to get a haircut is not easy. Displaying wall art that encourages your customers to get a haircut is a great way to not only make clients but also a way to make them trust you more. A wall sticker saying ‘Life is too short to have boring hair’ is sure to convince clients to get a stylish haircut!

9. Hairstyling Wall Sticker

Wall Decal Beauty Salon Hair Stylist Hairdresser Barber Vinyl Stickers VS2979
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Wall stickers are not just convenient and stylish, but easy on the pocket as well. Setting up a hair salon can be a major investment, and it shouldn’t stop you from adding some fine pieces of wall art. We suggest you get wall stickers like the one shown below. This kind of sticker is not only creative and cool, but it is also very affordable. It may look like a woman with a bun, but when you look closely, hairdressing equipment is hidden in the hair. This wall sticker will grab the attention of every customer who comes to your salon.

10. Hair Salon Wall Clock

monastar Beauty Salon Wall Clock -Select Size, Personalized- Wood Big Hair Studio Ladies' Hairdresser Gift Hairstylers Hair Spa Fashion Haircut Styling Hairdressing Studio Wooden Wall Art Décor
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A wall clock is a basic part of the décor of any room. It can also be used as wall art. A super-cool, funky, hair-salon specific wall clock will not only be functional but will also make a great addition to your salon wall. Having a unique wall clock will show your thoughtfulness and the level of attention that you have given to the décor of your hair salon.

11. Photo Gallery

XZCWWH Custom Wallpaper Hd Fashion Haircut Hair Salon Background Wall Painting Poster Wall Sticker Door Sticker,300Cm(W)×210Cm(H)
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Using a wall to make a photo gallery is another way to utilize a wall for wall art. Using real photographs of the work that you have done for your clients at your hair salon will not only make for great wall art but will also assist in building customer confidence in your work. The clients can see for themselves the quality and expertise of your haircutting skills.

12. 3-Piece Modern Canvas

LevvArts - 3 Piece Modern Canvas Painting Barber Shop Wall Art Vintage Hair Cutting Tools on Wooden Board Picture Prints Black and Red Artwork for Home Salon Bathroom Living Room Wall Decor 12x24
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3-piece art on canvas is gaining popularity. No matter where you plan to hang it, the impact is visible. 3-piece art creates a focal point in any room. Moreover, it adds class and style to the décor. For a hair salon, a 3-piece modern canvas will deliver a similar effect. Having a painting that aligns well with the theme of the salon is a great idea. Like we mentioned in the beginning, the entire décor of the hair salon should be smooth and cohesive, and having theme-relevant artwork is an essential part of that cohesion.

13. Mirrors

American Art Decor Lena Rectangle Framed Accent Wall Vanity Mirror - Silver (47" H x 25" L x 1" D)
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Mirrors are the most basic part of a hair salon. Mirrors make your salon look larger than it actually is. You may have a single mirror throughout the length, that covers all stations, or you can have a separate mirror for each station. Having a single mirror creates a spacious look while individual mirrors for each station give an intimate look. Your selection of mirrors can also have an impact on the décor.

Using mirrors that have fancy frames, or mirrors that are unframed contribute significantly to the wall art of the hair salon. You can see the impact for yourself. Try displaying a simple mirror and compare it with a stylish one – the difference will be evident!

14. Wall Mounted Stations

BarberPub Wall Mount Barber Station Hair Styling With Mirror Dressing Table Beauty Salon Spa Equipment Set 3026+3036 (Black)
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With wall-mounted stations, many basic requirements get covered. You don’t have to worry about installing individual mirrors or storage shelves. Not to forget the utilization of the wall. Plain walls make the entire room look dull and boring, which is something you don’t want. Mounting a barber station on the wall of hair salon will make the interior look majestic and classy.

The option of a wall-mounted station is suitable for larger spaces only. For smaller spaces, smaller work stations are more suitable.

15. Services Display

WoodenSign Hairdresser Decor Hairdresser Scissors Hair Salon Decor Hairdresser Sign Hairdresser Gift Hair Stylist Decor Hair Salon Art cb681619
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You need to put up a display of the services that you are offering for new clients. A client could approach the receptionist for the information they need, but in case the client is too reluctant to make conversation, or the receptionist is absent from the desk at that moment, it is better to have a poster or something similar that displays your services as well as the price you charge for each service.

You can either display a simple printed list, or you can add a pop of creativity to it – the latter option makes for a cool hair salon wall art idea. A services chart that is colorful, attractive, and creative will not only add to the wall art but will also grab the attention of the clients. Now, isn’t that what you want?

16. Scissors Display

One of the best hair salon wall art ideas is to display scissors. You can use different types and sizes of scissors in an uneven or odd arrangement, or a single large sculpture of a pair of scissors to make super attractive wall art. Since scissors are a signature tool for any hair salon, using them as wall art is a creative way to bring up the level of your hair salon!

17. Series of Similar Items

Grouping similar items together on a wall is always a great wall art idea. You may have seen numerous guitars displayed on a wall at a music studio or many photo frames displayed in a group at galleries. This kind of setup not only looks attractive, but it also makes for effective wall art that grabs the attention of the viewers.

For a hair salon, you can use a bunch of any hairdressing accessories to make eye-catching wall art. You can use some hand mirrors, hairdryers, or combs.

18. Wall Mounted Shelves

Tube Color Storage Rack - 2 Pack
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Wall-mounted shelves provide useful storage space without using floor space. Shelves can be used to store equipment that is needed during hairstyling, like hair colors, shampoo, conditioner, scissors, etc. Shelves also ensure a neat and tidy interior as the equipment is not cluttered on the desks and trolleys, but is organized neatly on shelves. Using stylish and unique wall-mounted shelves can also serve as wall art for your hair salon. What could be better than wall art that is super useful?

19. Wall Mounted Planters

Modern Black Finish Metal Geometric Hanging Wall Planter Patio Vertical Wall Planter
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You can never go wrong with plants. No matter where you incorporate them, they will always bring about freshness to the interior. People come to salons to relax. Adding fresh plants to your hair salon is a really great way to keep the atmosphere fresh and alive. Your clients will love the pleasant smell, and the airy feeling that plants bring. Above all, wall mounted planters make amazing wall art that everyone is sure to love!

20. Paintings

Canessioa Wall Art Canvas Painting 3D Abstract Flower Oil Paintings Artwork Charming Petals Modern Fashion Wall Decor for Bedroom Living Room Kitchen Dining Room Corridor(16x20inch Unframed)
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When we talk about hair salon décor, you don’t have to stick to decoration items that are specific to hair salons. You can add any piece of art that can make a statement. Any piece of artwork can serve as a focal point, so you don’t have to limit yourself. The same is the case with paintings. If there is a painting that you really like, get it for your salon. The décor of your salon should be representative of your taste. An attractive, colorful painting would add color and brightness to the salon. The addition of colors will instantly uplift the atmosphere as well.

21. Wallpaper

Vintage Barber Shop Mural Wallpaper Hair Salon Wall Wall Background Wall Paper 3D A@200140
Click image for more info

If you can’t think of anything to decorate your salon walls with, wallpaper is the safest and the most affordable wall art option. Wallpaper is available in plenty of colors and designs, and you are sure to find something that goes well with your interior. If you are not sure about covering the entire salon with the same wallpaper, you can install it on one wall where you think it will make the strongest impact.


Since hair salons are a place where women come to get new looks, it is important that the environment encourages women to be vocal about how they want their hair to be. Hair salon wall art plays a significant role in making the salon look not only stylish and attractive but cozy and welcoming, too. Without some form of wall art, a hair salon will look like a boring room where nobody will want to spend any of their precious hours. Time spent at a salon should be a complete experience where the clients can actually enjoy the ambiance.

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