Can an Older Woman Wear a Ponytail?

Portrait of an old woman.

At the crack of dawn getting yourself and your children ready for the day includes putting one ponytail in the back. It’s simple. One ponytail on the top is simple. One ponytail on the left, one ponytail on the right – likely -split Ponytails are just a way of gathering hair and making it look neat in the process.

Swoop It Up In A Doo Women Of A Certain Age!

Can older women wear a ponytail? Why, of course, they can. I am a 51-year-old brand new grandmother and when the time calls – I put my hair up in the easiest fashion – yes, a ponytail. Ponytails are both beautiful and practical.

Typically, we don ponytails because they take our hair out of inconvenient places. Baking a cake or cardio-dancing to your favorite tune is not the best time to have hair swirling all over your face. Not to mention, the temperature…if it’s hot…the hair has to go up, up and away? Hence, the ultimate go-to – the ponytail.

Dogears – Two Ponytails – The Only Inappropriate Do For The Mature Woman?

You may choose to braid your ponytail. You may choose to wear your ponytail in a cowgirl look of one ponytail on the right side and one ponytail on the left side placed right above your ears. Rightly dividing your cute little face while being practical and taking care of whatever chores are at hand. This ponytail hairstyle called dog ears just made life simpler. That’s why it’s traditionally thought to be for younger children. This is the one ponytail variety that may be attributed to the younger set.

A Ponytail is Not Just One Hairstyle

Side profile of an old woman with a ponytail.

A ponytail is not just one hairstyle. When you think of a ponytail we think about hair pulled back being held by a ribbon or a piece of elastic. However, ponytails are many different things. Wait a minute – let’s go back.

Historically for women, the ponytail came into vogue in the 18th century after years of it being a hairstyle for men. Dating back to ancient Greece, the ponytail has been the traditional hairstyle for men. Currently, it is mostly attributed to women. However, due to its practical nature, men often wear ponytails if they have longer hair.

The Ponytail – a Chamaeleon

So now that we’ve dispelled the myth that older women shouldn’t wear ponytails, wearing a ponytail goes according to your preference or your face shape. This is just a suggestion. Get involved in your hair and do what makes you feel and look your best. According to total, the best ponytail style for a round-faced woman is a ponytail placed high on the head.

Typically ponytails can be placed:

  • on either side of the face
  • at the nape of the neck
  • on the side of the face
  • mid-height on the head
  • high on the head

More Ponytails For Your Head Shape

An elderly couple looking at each other at a beachside.

Hair is such a creative mode of expression. The aforementioned styles are just the typical ways ponytails can be used and placed. Square faced mesdemoiselles would wear a ponytail with loose tendrils on the side to soften the angular features of their rectangular or square-shaped face.

Heart-shape faced women should wear wide bangs along with their ponytail. It is suggested that a ponytail placed in the middle of the head or mid-height will create an opening of the face. Heart-shaped faces include faces that are wider on the top and narrower at the chin.

On the impractical side, ponytails have become quite dramatic, they are a chosen hairstyle for weddings. Arguably, a woman’s wedding is one of the most important days of her life. A ponytail for a wedding happens all the time. Just take a look at this.

From the simple casual affair to the most formal of nuptials. The most important day deserves the most important hairstyle.

Keep It In Queue

An elder woman doing an exercise outdoors.

However ponytails are used, they can be adorned with so many fashion statements. A veil, pearls, jewels, a braided extension or a flipped, blonde curl added to a typical ponytail can make it quite regal indeed. When men wore them they were referred to as “queue” or French for “tail”.

They have stayed in style for so long because of their versatility. Ponytails can be dressed up or dressed down. It will always be a mainstay of our culture. It is not an eastern tradition or western tradition it is simply the tradition of being practical with style.

That is What a Ponytail Brings to the Table – It is Practical and Gorgeous

It is all in how you do it. Some ponytails actually cost an excessive amount of dollars to create. That’s right if you go into an upscale salon and ask for an updo or a fancy ponytail. You may pay hundreds of dollars. That is on the pricier side. However who thinks in the box? People have made ponytails their own since they learned how to clap their hands and put their hands together to gather their hair. There are so many different styles, so many different ways to rock the ponytail.

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