Can You Have Two Colors in Your Hair?

Back of a woman's dual-colored dyed long hair.

Everybody needs a change from time to time. Dying your hair can be one way to create a new look and express yourself. Deciding which color to dye your hair can be one of the most difficult parts of the process. Two-color dying, also known as split-dyeing, is a growing hair color trend that means you no longer have to decide. Your hair can be two colors at once.

Conditions in Which Hair Can Be Two Colors

Hair care experts, like those at by L’OREAL, explain that anyone can have two-color hair. They suggest that the key to achieving the two-color hair you desire is by properly prepping your hair. The prepping process involves lightening the hair to reach a level of lightness that will display the new color as desired. Those with extremely dark hair will need more lightening, while those with blonde hair may not need lightening at all.

L’OREAL hair care experts also recommend getting the hair as clean as possible and separating the hair with clips, so sections don’t overlap. Having foil on hand is essential, so areas can be separated as needed and the colors can be properly isolated.

Anyone who wants two-color hair can achieve it. However the process can require more time and energy for those with dark hair wanting to use pastels or other fun colors. Remember it’s essential that your hair is healthy to receive the results you desire. Unhealthy hair will fade quickly and look more dull than healthy hair. If needed, use a hair mask or conditioning treatment to return your hair to health before completing your two-color dye.

Two-color dyeing is easy enough to be done at home. However, experts suggest you have prior experience with hair dyeing before attempting a two-color dye. Looking for an extremely unique look? We suggest heading to the professionals at your favorite salon.

What to Consider When Maintaining Two Colors in Your Hair

Closeup of a woman's red dual-toned dyed hair.

Properly maintaining your two-color look will help preserve the color, so you can enjoy your cool, new look longer. Use only color-safe products to keep the colors looking vibrant, and apply quality conditioners and treatments regularly. Alex Brownsell of BLEACH London suggests using masks with essential proteins and amino acids to help strengthen the hair and keep the bright colors looking fresh.

Sometimes, one color will fade more quickly than others. Those areas can be sectioned off, and a semi-permanent dye can be used to refresh the color. Two-color dyes may be slightly more work to achieve, but the unique look is worth the effort.

Challenges of Having Two Colors in Your Hair

Beautiful woman with side-swept long curly dyed hair.

Two-color dyeing is not easy, so if you’re looking for a quick and easy hair coloring job, this probably isn’t it. However, the trendy look of two-color dyeing is worth it for anyone who is willing to put in the effort. Note that two-color dyeing requires twice the hair dye, twice the time, and ultimately, twice the cost.

Another challenge of split-color dyeing is that your two colors will turn into three when your roots begin to show. That means you’ll either want to continue split-dyeing to maintain your look or dye your hair another single color. Choosing crazy colors for your two-color hair dye? The experts at Salon Success Academy suggest taking your job or upcoming interviews into consideration. Some bosses may not be as open to bright two-color looks.

Why Is It Desirable to Have Two Colors in Your Hair?

Beautiful woman with short dyed hair smiles and touches her face.

Two-color hair is a hot new trend that allows you to express yourself and create a look nobody else has. Some people will choose a completely unique look, like hot pink hair and blue bangs, while others will opt for more subdued dual-color looks. A two-color look can even be achieved by simply bleaching small sections of hair and leaving the rest its natural color. A split-dye look can be as bold or subdued as you want it to be, and that’s what makes this new trend so attractive to men and women of all hair colors.

A split-dye look is simply a more interesting use of color than typical, single color hair dyes. It allows individuals to create unique looks that are long-lasting but not permanent. From mermaid hair to celebrity looks and beachy blonde looks, two-color dyeing allows you to create whatever look you please. Split dye is one of the most popular hair trends of 2020, so whichever colors you choose, you’re guaranteed to turn heads and receive compliments.

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