Can Curly Hair Have Bangs?

Woman with short curly hair and bangs holding the back of her head.

Many women with curly hair have a volatile relationship with their hair. One day it curls perfectly in neat, tight curls and the next day it’s nothing but frizz headed in every direction. It can be tough to find a technique that works every day and keeps curls in place in wind, humidity, and workouts.

All of these struggles might make you hesitant to take the leap and go for a look with bangs. But if done correctly a curly hairstyle with bangs can be an especially eye-catching, stylish look. And they can be surprisingly easy to maintain too.

Here are some tips for choosing your style and maintaining your look.

Choose the Right Cut

First of all, make sure your stylist is familiar with the intricacies of cutting curly hair and with curly hair bangs in particular. Cutting curly hair is a special skill that shouldn’t be trusted to just anyone. For best results, you should find one stylist who gets to know your particular hair since all curly hair behaves differently.

Some stylists prefer to cut curly hair dry, and that’s an especially good idea with bangs since it takes away much of the guesswork. When curly hair is wet it’s impossible to know exactly how long it will end up or which direction it will curl.

Even cutting it dry isn’t a guarantee since curly hair can choose a different direction on any given day depending on humidity and other factors. An experienced stylist will know how to adjust for this uncertainty and give you a cut that works in any condition.

Woman with short curly hair and eyeglasses points with finger pistols to the camera against a yellow background.

One of the biggest dangers when cutting bangs for curly hair is going too short. Curls may be tighter on hot, humid days and if your cut is too short you’ll be left with a frizzy clump of hair high on your forehead. For that reason, longer bangs typically work best for curly hair. The additional length gives you the flexibility to let your hair fall naturally on any given day, or style it if you’re going for a particular look. Use a curling iron or flatiron to change the direction of a wayward curl or start from scratch on your style. You can also pin your bangs back when working out or playing sports to keep them out of your way.

Once you find the proper length for your hair schedule a trim every four to six weeks to make sure they don’t get too long. If you’re committed to your bangs take care of them–that means limiting your use of flatirons and curling irons, using high-quality shampoo and hair products, and seeing a stylist regularly to maintain good health.

Look here for more tips on getting the perfect cut for your curly hair bangs.

Day to Day Maintenance

If you have curly hair you’ve probably gone through different styling regimens as styles change and your relationship with your hair ebbs and flows. Many women with curly hair spend years straightening it to keep up with the latest styles or simply as a personal preference. That routine gets tiring though, and many of us eventually learn to embrace the curl and the unpredictability that comes with it.

At first glance, curly hair with bangs may look like it takes a long time to style. While extensive styling can help you control the curl and get a specific look, it’s typically not necessary. If your bangs are cut right you should be able to style them just like the rest of your hair. At a minimum that often means adding some product and then either diffusing your hair or letting it air dry, depending on your preference and how much time you have before you need your hair to look fabulous.

Woman with long curly hairstyle against a pale blue background.

Depending on your hair and the type of curl it may work best to add product right out of the shower while it’s still wet. For others, the best time to add a product is once the hair is mostly dry. If you live in a humid climate you’re probably used to adding more products than you’d need to in drier areas. Once you have bangs make sure you experiment with your haircare routine to works for your new look.

One important maintenance tip for curly hair is to avoid over-drying. Curly hair tends to be drier than other hair types so it needs all the help it can get to lock in moisture. This means not over-washing and using shampoo products that won’t strip out the natural moisture. Using oils or other moisturizing products will also help control the frizz. Frizz and bangs definitely do not mix, so make sure you treat your hair well. You can find more tips for maintaining your curly-haired bangs here.

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