9 Face Shapes for Women and Best Hairstyles for Each

9 face shapes illustration

While your face shape doesn’t entirely dictate the hairstyle or cut you get, it is a factor.

This is why we include a menu for face type so you can check out many galleries and hundreds of hairstyles by face shape.

There are 9 main face shapes. Many people have a combination of types; in other words, not everyone can be pigeonholed entirely into one shape.

The above illustration showcases all 9 very well.

Below, we get into more detail, including more illustrations and examples.

Women's face shapes diagram

1. Round Face Shape Example

See our women’s round-face hairstyles gallery here.

Here’s a detailed illustration of the round face with different haircuts.

round face shape with 4 haircut examples

As you can see, a round face nicely accommodates all hair lengths and styles.

This type is the widest halfway up the face and rounds out at the top and bottom of the head.

Good haircuts:

  • Center parts: This helps give the appearance of a longer face.
  • Side-sweep: This draws the eyes across and down, minimizing roundness.
  • Around the face:  cuts that fall around the face can emphasize the round face, which can look good in some instances.

2. Oval Face Example

Visit our oval faces hairstyles gallery here. Oval face shape and hairstyles illustration

Above is an illustration of an oval face accompanied by examples of different hairstyles for an oval face.

Good haircuts/hairstyles:

  • Waves: Waves provide width to an otherwise narrow face.
  • Curved bangs: Again, the curve in hair widens the look of the face.
  • Side sweep: A side sweep widens the face.

3. Inverted Triangle Face Shape Example

Triangle face shape with different hairstyle examples - illustration

Above is our illustration showcasing an inverted triangle face shape along with how different hairstyles look on this face shape. This shape is similar to the heart-shaped face (except heart-shaped has a widow’s peak), but it’s not as soft. The wider upper facial area is more pronounced.

Characteristics include:

  • Narrower jaw and chin;
  • Wider upper face and
  • Flattish top of the head.

Great hair features/styles:

The goal is to minimize the wider forehead. The following achieves.

4. Diamond Face Shape ExampleDiamond face shape example with hairstyle examples - illustration

Above is an illustration of a diamond face shape and how different hairstyles and lengths look on this face type.

The diamond-shaped face is another longish face type (oval and oblong shapes). The best hairstyles are those that slightly widen the face. Those include:

  • Side-sweep;
  • Medium bangs;
  • Wavy styles and
  • Layers.

5. Triangle Face Type Example (#2)

Woman with triangle face type - illustration

Here’s an example of an upright triangle face shape.

Great hairstyles for this type strive to add width to the forehead and slim down the jawline, including:

  • Off-center parts;
  • Short cuts;
  • Cuts with plenty of texture;

6. Rectangle Face Type Example

Example of woman with rectangle face and examples of hairstyles - illustration

Above is an illustrated example of a woman with a rectangular face type and examples of how different haircuts look on this shape.

Your hairstyle aims to minimize the four corners of your head and reduce the appearance of the longer face. These styles include:

  • Layers;
  • Shorter with fringe;
  • Waves and curls;

7. Square Face Type Example

See our extensive gallery of hairstyles for women with a square face shape. Illustrated example of woman with square face along with example hairstyles on square face

Here’s an example of what a square face type looks like and examples of different hairstyles on this face shape.

Like a round face, the goal of a hairstyle for a square face is to minimize the width. Hairstyles or cuts that do this include:

  • Longer styles, including long layers;
  • Center parts;
  • long bob (lob);

8. Heart-Shaped Face Example

See our extensive hairstyles gallery for women with a heart-shaped face Example of heart-shaped face woman

The heart-shaped face is a curvier version of the inverted triangle type.

The heart-shaped face is distinguished from an inverted triangle because the heart-shaped has a widow’s peak.

Great hairstyles for this type are:

  • Pixie cut;
  • Long bangs;
  • Long bob;
  • Deep side part.

9. Oblong Face Shape Example

Woman example with oblong face shape - illustration

The oblong face is tall and narrowest of the face shapes.

Being the narrowest face shape, a good cut will widen the face. This includes:

  • Waves and curls;
  • Layers and textures;
  • Bangs;
  • Side sweeps.

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