Guava Tea for Hair: Rinses & Benefits

Guava fruit for hair rinse


There are quite a few benefits to drinking guava tea, some of those are for your hair.

Before I launch into those, do you even know what guava tea is? How it’s made?

Guava tea isn’t exactly mainstream, but it’s reasonably popular among the health and wellness crowd.

What is guava tea?

Guava tea is made from guava tree leaves.

Guava fruit plants (Psidium guajava) grow in tropical climates. They grow in Hawaii and Florida in the USA and then throughout the tropics such as Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

Where can you get guava tea leaves?

While you can buy guava fruit in the grocery store, I bet it’s not every visit you see a basket of guava leaves there.

Where does that leave you?

Thanks to the internet, you can order guava leaves from Amazon. Amazing, isn’t it. Fairly fresh guava leaves with a few clicks of the mouse.

How do you make guava tea?

It’s pretty simple. Take the leaves and dump them into a pot of boiling water.

Okay, I’ll be more specific for making guava tea for your hair.

Step 1: Get handful of guava leaves. Step 2: Boil a quart of water (4 cups of water). Step 3: Place guava leaves into boiling water. Boil for 20 minutes. Step 4: Strain water so there’s no more leaves and all you have left is the liquid. Step 5: Let water cool. Here’s a video:

Applying the Guava Tea Rinse to your hair

Be sure the water isn’t scalding hot before you apply.

Before applying the guava tea rinse, wash your hair with shampoo so it’s nice and clean. This is the same step for most tea rinses including black and peppermint tea rinses.

Once cooled, scoop with hand or use a squirt bottle to get the guava tea into your hair. Then scrunch and crunch your hair getting that rich, healthy guava tea all over your scalp and throughout all of your hair.

Leave the tea water in your hair for a couple of hours. It’s probably a good idea to wrap a towel around your head so that it doesn’t drip all over the place.

Rinse with warm water.

TIP: for easier application, you can try mixing the guava tea with coconut oil or other natural oils so that it binds to hair better. Personally, I prefer just tea, but this is another way to apply the tea.

Also, some people who really buy into guava’s miracle hair health effects mix the tea with their shampoo so they are able to apply guava tea daily. This isn’t as potent as a full rinse for a few hours, but it can’t hurt if you’re getting positive results.

That’s it.

What does a guava tea rinse do for your hair?

Stop hair loss? Regrow hair?

Once again, the internet is rife with claims it not only stops hair loss, but it actually regrows hair. Here’s one of many examples of what I think is nonsense. I think that’s nonsense, but heck, if you’re losing your hair, give it a shot. It’s not like a bag of guava leaves is all that expensive. You’re certainly not going to hurt your hair… you’ve nothing to lose. If you regrow your hair, let me know. I’ll stand corrected (and then see about patenting some mixture and becoming the first trillionaire by curing baldness. Seriously, if this stuff actually regrew hair, don’t you think big pharma would be in on this action in a big way. They’re masters at concocting some drug/batch of medicines into a pill or topical solution, patenting it and making billions.

Thicken hair

I don’t doubt this. Many natural ingredients can make your hair healthier, be it add shine, lustre or in the case of guava tea, thicken it. I don’t mean thicken by growing new strands of hair where it was lost; I mean make existing strands thicker and healthier. For this likely outcome, it’s worth a shot.

Natural sun protection

The lycopene in guava tea helps protect your hair from sun damage… apparently.

Is that it?

Guava tea is all the rage because of the hair regrowth / stopping hair loss claims.

While I think teas of all sorts can help make hair healthy, I draw the line buying into any hair regrowth claims. It’s just not likely. Seriously, if thousands of bald people were regrowing hair with guava, don’t you think you’d see it in mainstream media? Yup, you would. It would be one of the biggest health developments of the 20th century.

Other considerations

How do you store the guava leaves once you get them?

Just place them in the refrigerator.

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