5 Top Shampoos To Treat Scalp Acne Quickly


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Clogged pores cause scalp acne that usually appears along your hairline. Such pimples can be small but itchy or sore and crusted. The best way to treat it is to keep your hair clean and use medicated shampoos for scalp treatment. These shampoos can be bought without a prescription and contain natural ingredients that can keep your pores from clogging or your pimples from appearing again.

Look for ingredients such as salicylic acid, glycolic acid, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, ketoconazole, ciclopirox, and benzoyl peroxide. A sulfate-free clarifying shampoo will also be effective for clearing away dirt, oil, and product buildup from your hair.

1. Maple Holistics Special Formula Shampoo

Natural essential oil anti-dandruff shampoo for dry itchy & flaky scalp.

Even though it may not be specifically mentioned on the packaging, this product by Maple Holistics is something that works incredibly well for scalp acne. This product is made from tea tree oil, which is something that helps reduce the itchiness and dryness that one experiences. Because of this, the product works well for those who have mild to moderate forms of scalp acne.

This shampoo is also something that can work well for those who have severe dandruff problems and need something that will help ease them. One of the reasons why this product works so well is because of the several essential oils that are included in this. The product has rosemary, lavender, and jojoba oil that all promote healthy and well-nourished hair.


Infused Essential Oils

Great For Acne Treatment

Anti Fungal


Cannot Be Used For Severe Acne

2. Healthy Hair Plus Antifungal Shampoo

Antifungal shampoo & conditioner combo that fights fungus and bacteria on the scalp and skin.

Healthy Hair Plus Antifungal Shampoo is known for being the best shampoo for scalp acne. It is something that works incredibly well to reduce any kind of flakiness and dryness that appears on the scalp and is able to treat the acne on it with relative ease. The product is designed to treat a large variety of acne related skin issues, such as pimples, redness, inflammation, itching and many more.

If you have multiple scalp acne issues that you need help with, this is one product that can work well for all. One of the main ingredients of this shampoo is coconut oil, which is considered to be one of the best remedies for treating scalp acne. The shampoo also has grapefruit seed extract, which helps give the hair and scalp all the good nutrients that it needs.



Anti Fungal

Good For Dryer Skin


Doesn’t Lather Well

3. Tree To Tub Soapberry For Hair

SPRING ONLY - real, organic face and body bath set.

The Soapberry for Hair is a product that was specifically designed to combat acne problems that people with dry hair tend to face. Often, the products that are specifically designed to take care of one’s acne end up drying the skin and hair more than they should. This can sometimes lead to a whole other list of hair problems that one has to deal with.

This product is perfect in that regard since it reduces acne and hydrates the hair at the same time. With this product, one can expect their hair to become shinier, softer and smoother. The brand takes pride in this product being incredibly gentle on the skin, which is sometimes what people with acne problems really need. The shampoo also has minimal chemicals to keep your hair in the healthiest state ever!


Packed With Essentials Oils

Hydrates Hair


Not Ideal For Severe Acne

4. Neutrogena T/Sal Shampoo

Neutrogena therapeutic shampoo - scalp build up control.

Neutrogena T/Sal Shampoo is one product that dermatologists often recommend to patients who have acne on their scalp. Being one of the most popular medicated shampoos on the market, there is no surprise that this shampoo has everything that one with acne would need. The main component that makes this product what it is is the salicylic acid.

This component is something that is incredibly useful when trying to reduce inflammation of zits and acne on the scalp and works to speed up the entire healing process. Even though this product does have a healthy balance of essential chemicals, it tries to keep them to a bare minimum. Besides the main component, the product doesn’t have much else, which means that it doesn’t offer much besides acne treatment. The hair also tends to feel rough after a wash with this product, and you may require conditioning after every use.


3% salicylic acid

Dermatologist Recommended


Hair Needs Conditioning After

5. AcneZap Shampoo

Shampoo for scalp acne – clear scalp from acne, zits and pimples.

AcneZap Shampoo is one product that has been receiving a lot of praise because of all that it has to offer. This all-natural shampoo is designed to be mild while helping the hair get a healthy and luscious shine. One of the main reasons why people tend to go in for this product when combating acne is because of the antibacterial formula that exists in it.

This works well to reduce the impact that the acne has on your scalp, and can help prevent the occurrence of more acne in the future. The product is especially very effective on those who have zits and pimples on their scalp and who want them to settle down as fast as possible.


All Natural Formula

Very Effective

Specially Designed For Zits And Pimples


Strong Smell

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