14 Different Types of Hair Dye

Hairstylist dyeing a woman's long hair. Hair dyeing existed even during ancient times.

The ancient Egyptians were among the first to dye their graying hair by applying henna. Ancient Greeks and Romans, on the other hand, used plant extracts to color their hair.

The Romans discovered a way to color their hair jet black permanently, but it took them hundreds of years to introduce other color choices.

While the prostitutes in ancient Rome were required to dye their hair blonde, warriors from the early civilizations dyed their hair to mark their ranks and intimidate their enemies on the battlefield.

Hair color in modern history was accidentally discovered by English professor William Henry Perkin while searching for a cure for malaria.

French chemist Eugene Schueller created the first commercial hair color in 1907 and called it Aureole, which later became well-known as L’Oral.



Permanent hair dye

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If you want to change the color of your hair without worrying that the color will wash out over time, then you need to opt for permanent hair dye.

These dyes have four major components, allowing them to color your hair permanently.

Ammonia is the main component of permanent dye and makes it possible for dye precursors to enter your hair shaft.

Once there, the hydrogen peroxide in the dye will work. The hydrogen peroxide is responsible for removing the natural color of your hair and then applying the new color.

First, by removing the natural color of your hair, these dyes can allow the small molecules of the dye to enter deep into the shaft of the hair.

One of the main benefits of this hair dye is that it provides uniform coverage and color to all your hair.

Of course, this can be a problem for some people, especially if you choose a shade that is too dark, which will tend to look unnatural, or a dye that will considerably lighten your hair.

As your hair grows, it will stay the color you have dyed it, although new root growth will be the color of your natural hair.

One major problem that people run into when they use permanent hair dyes is that they experience an allergic reaction to the dye.

To decrease this likelihood, it’s a good idea to perform a patch test on your skin with the dye.

Doing so will allow you to determine whether or not you will have a reaction and what it will be.


Demi permanent hair dye

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If you are interested in permanent hair dyes but are worried about the strong chemicals they use to strip your hair of its color and then dye it a new color, then demi-permanent hair dye may be a good option.

These dyes do not contain ammonia and have much less hydrogen peroxide than permanent hair dyes.

This means that they are not as harsh on your hair, and you are less likely to have an allergic reaction to these dyes.

The color molecules of this type of hair dye will be deposited not only inside of the strands of hair but also on its cuticle.

You can’t use demi-permanent dyes to lighten the color of your hair, as they do not contain enough hydrogen peroxide to strip the color from your hair, limiting the colors you can choose for your new look.

You can only opt for a color that is similar to the shade that you already have or choose something that is darker.

Even though demi-permanent dyes are very similar to permanent dyes, note that the color will wash out of your hair in around 12 -28 shampoos.

These hair dyes are a great option if you want to get rid of the gray in your hair but want to stay relatively close to your natural hair color.

Since these dyes don’t produce a finished color uniform to other types of hair dye, they will provide you with a more natural color and appearance.

In addition, your roots will tend not to be as obvious. These dyes are much easier on the hair itself and won’t damage your strands as much as a permanent dye.

They are ideal if you are worried about the sensitivity of your scalp or accidentally damaging your hair with a dye.


Semi-permanent hair dye

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Unlike demi-permanent and permanent hair dyes, semi-permanent hair dyes do not contain any hydrogen peroxide or ammonia.

This means that the dye molecules of this product cannot actually enter your hair’s cortex and will only be deposited on the outside of your strands.

There are two types of semi-permanent hair dye: natural and synthetic. The most natural type of semi-permanent hair dye is henna, while another is indigo. When mixed together you are able to achieve superior results.

Synthetic dyes contain nitrobenzenes or nitroamines.

Because this type of hair dye is so much milder than more permanent options, it’s a great choice for people to use if their hair is already damaged or is very fragile.

They are only used to darken your natural hair color since they do not contain any chemicals that can be used to lighten your hair and will wash out of your hair in around 4-8 shampoos.

Because these dyes do not have a lot of different chemicals in them, they are not at all likely to cause an allergic reaction, so a patch test is not necessary when using a semi-permanent hair dye.

Even though this type of hair dye does not have the staying power that others do, there are a few good reasons that so many people reach for this option when they want to update their style.

Not only is semi-permanent great for helping to hide some of your grays if you can’t get to your hairdresser for a major dye job, but they will also make your hair look much shinier.

They are an easy way to touch up your roots and help you grow out of a permanent color.

People with thinner hair will find that semi-permanent dyes will last longer in their hair and require more washes before they finally wash out.


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If you are interested in changing your hair color but are worried about having an allergic reaction to the hair dye, then gradual hair dyes may be a great option for you.

They are a solution of metals that will, over time and with a number of applications, slowly change the color of the hair.

They are great for darkening hair from gray to light brown to burgundy and happen very gradually so that the final appearance isn’t a shock.

The color produced by these hair dyes will fade easily when you shampoo, which is why you need to make sure that you have this product applied on a regular and consistent basis if you want to update your color and ensure that it stays once it is changed.

These dyes don’t have harsh chemicals, so users are much less likely to suffer from an allergic reaction when using them. They don’t require a patch test before use.

Generally speaking, the best way to ensure that you are using your gradual hair dyes correctly is to go to an expert who can dye your hair for you, as they will be able to ensure that you get the results you want without any problems.


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This type of hair dye is also called hair colors and consists of dye compounds that have molecules so large that they are unable to penetrate into the hair shaft itself.

This means that the color will remain on the outside of the hair shaft, close to the hair’s surface.

While this is a great way to impact your hair, the color will generally wash out with just one shampooing.

However, if you have very porous hair that is quite thin and damaged, then your temporary colors may be absorbed deeper into the hair itself, which means that it will stay for a lot longer.

These dyes are a great way to brighten your natural color or enhance or tint your hair.

They not only come in natural shades that will look great and are a wonderful way to update your hairstyle, but also in unnatural colors like gold, blue, pink, green, purple, and more.

If you want to really highlight your hairstyle, then choosing an unnatural color and using it on a few strands or throughout your entire head is a great way to make sure that you can express yourself and enjoy the fun of bright hair colors without the commitment of dying your hair.

People love temporary hair dyes because they are a fun and easy way to test out a new color or choose something bold and bright without a full commitment.

This makes them ideal for parties, dances, or weekends out with your friends.

Dye Placement

Full Head

If you want to achieve a whole new look with your hair dye, then it’s time to consider dyeing all of your hair.

Unlike highlights, which will only change the color of certain strands on your head, when you dye all of your hair all at once then you can achieve a very dramatic look.

This is the best way to ensure that you do not have any roots showing and that you have covered any grays you have.

One problem with dyeing all your hair at once is that the color can look a little flat.

This happens most often with lower quality dyes, or when you choose one that doesn’t have enough light in the product, as your hair will appear all one color.

Natural hair has a variety of shades and colors in it, and if you want your dye job to appear as natural as possible, then you will want to mimic this.

Make sure that you choose a dye for your full head that will provide you with as much depth of color and movement as possible so that your hair will look natural and won’t look flat and boring.

Full Head Highlights

If you have particularly dark hair, haven’t highlighted your hair in a while, and want to lighten up your whole head, it’s time to consider getting full head highlights.

These highlights will be all over your head, from your bangs to the nape of your neck and everywhere else.

It is normal for these highlights to be bold so that your hair appears much lighter than it is or for people to opt for more natural highlights that won’t lighten their hair as much.

Partial Highlights

These highlights are only applied to part of your head, as opposed to all over your head, as they are when you opt for full-head highlights.

They are generally only placed along the top of your head and the fringe around your face. However, each stylist has their own opinion of what constitutes partial highlights, which is why you need to make sure that you ask if you go to a professional for your new hair.

These highlights are usually designed to look natural, as if your hair has lightened in the sun, although some people prefer their highlights to be much chunkier and bolder.

Opting for thick and bold partial highlights can draw attention to a specific area on your head.

One of the benefits of opting for partial highlights instead of full-head highlights is that they are generally much less expensive.


Many people who dye their hair struggle to ensure their roots do not look obvious as their hair grows.

This can be a major problem, especially if you choose to dye your hair a very different color, as your roots will tend to be significantly darker or lighter than the rest of your hair.

If you want to get rid of your roots and ensure that the hair closest to your scalp blends in with the rest of the hair on your head, you must consider having a root touch-up.

Several different root products on the market range from permanent to temporary so that you have complete control over what your roots will look like.

Some options on the market include sprays that will spray onto your roots and are reminiscent of hairspray, while others are dyes that must be carefully applied to the area you want to color.

Knowing what types are available and which types are the best for you will help you to make a decision regarding the right root dye for your needs.



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People who are worried about using a lot of harsh chemicals on their hair can still easily update and change the color of their hair; they need to make sure that they take time to choose a natural product that isn’t full of dangerous chemicals and won’t cause any problems.

Note that permanent colors will always have some chemicals in them, as they otherwise would not be able to dye your hair the way you want.

While you will still be subjecting yourself to some of these more dangerous chemicals when you decide to dye your hair with permanent dye, you can opt for hair dye that is a little less dangerous and damaging.

This is a good idea for anyone, but especially if you like to dye your hair regularly and want to limit your exposure to harsh chemicals.


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The only way to make sure that you are not putting any dangerous chemicals on your hair is to opt for a hair dye that is completely organic.

It can be difficult to find these products, and one problem that many people run into when they opt for them is that they do not provide the staying power that traditional hair dyes tend to.

This is very frustrating if you want to change the color of your hair but don’t want to worry about constantly touching up your hair.

It can also be a little more difficult to ensure your new hair color is consistent throughout your strands.

With practice, however, you will quickly learn how to dye your hair using organic products and will be able to enjoy a completely natural look without the fear of what dangerous chemicals you may be exposing yourself to.

If you have sensitive skin or are dealing with allergies, then you need to make sure that you consider the pros of organic hair dye.

While the results may not last as long as traditional hair dyes, this option may be the best choice because you don’t have to worry about dangerous reactions or other problems with the dye.


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Even if you choose a hair dye that is labeled as organic or natural, you need to make sure that it does not have any parabens in it.

These chemical preservatives are used in a wide variety of beauty products, including hair dye.

In recent years, many concerns have been raised about the safety of parabens and whether or not they make products toxic.

Scientists and doctors are especially concerned about the effect of parabens on women’s health and fear that the parabens can travel through a person’s skin and into the bloodstream.

This can have a major impact on a person’s health, which is why it is so important to make sure that you only choose safe and healthy products.


Cruelty-free hair dye

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Nobody wants to think that the hair dye they have chosen would have harmed an animal, but unless you opt for cruelty-free hair dye, there is a real chance that the product you are considering was tested on an animal.

This can be very cruel for the animals, as the manufacturers are looking for any allergic reactions or problems with the product before they sell it in stores.

To ensure that you are not using a hair dye that was tested on animals, you will want to make sure that you opt for cruelty-free products.

These will not have been tested on animals, which will likely give you peace of mind when you dye your hair.


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Ammonia can make your hair dye very dangerous, even though it is a common ingredient in permanent and semi-permanent dyes.

It’s used to ensure that the color of the dye can enter into the shaft of your hair, which is what allows the color to stay in the hair and be permanent through washings.

However, ammonia in hair dyes has raised several concerns, and it is a good idea to consider hair dye that is ammonia-free so that you are not causing undue damage to your hair.

When you opt for a hair dye that doesn’t contain ammonia, you will use something gentler on your scalp. Ammonia can irritate the scalp, so choosing an ammonia-free product will be calming.

Hair dyes with ammonia can cause split ends and damaged hair cuticles, while ammonia-free products will make your hair appear shinier and healthier.

Not only can ammonia harm your skin, but it also can cause problems with your sinuses. It is very normal for people to have breathing problems when they use hair dyes that contain ammonia.

Finally, because ammonia will actually raise the pH of your hair, which results in your cuticle remaining open and suffering from moisture and protein loss when you choose a hair dye that doesn’t have ammonia, you no longer have to worry about this being a problem or your hair being permanently damaged just because you decided to dye it.

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