My Wahl Stainless Steel Slate Beard Trimmer Review

Teeth of the Wahl beard trimmer

My Wahl beard trimmer showed up in some retro old-school packaging.

It’s kinda cool.

That was my first impression but of course, first impressions don’t guarantee a good trimmer.

Fortunately, my second impression was just as favorable, if not better.

The Wahl trimmer rocks. It works really, really well.

I’m talking clean cut like a hot knife through butter. Rarely do I need to run through a second time.

This is my Wahl beard trimmer review (the stainless steel Lithium-Ion 2.0+ battery version).

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The package

Here it is in all its retro glory.

Wahl Clipper Corporation packaging


Of all the beard trimmers I own (7 of them and counting), this is the most solid of them all.

I love the solidness. It has heft to it.

While it has heft, it’s not so heavy that it can double as a dumbbell haha.

The Cut

Wahl beard trimmer - stainless steel

The greatest attribute of the Wahl beard trimmer is how cleanly it cuts and trims facial hair.

It slices through like nothing which is great because not all trimers work so well.

I guess there’s something to all that heft on the inside, not to mention the razor-sharp blades. When it comes to buying a beard trimmer, the cut is the most important. I loathe having to trim in a repeating pattern to get it all. I prefer a single run and to call it a day.

The Charge

I’m not a battery junky but this thing boasts a lithium ion battery which gives you a ton of time on as single charge. I’m talking 6 hours on a charge.

If a trim session lasts 10 minutes (and that’s a long time), you’re looking at 36 trims per charge. I trim once or twice a week so it’ll be a long time before I hunt down an outlet.

This makes a great travel trimmer because for most trips you can safely hit the road (or the skies) without the charger.

If you forget to charge it, you can get 3 minutes of run time with 60 seconds charging. That can get you by in a pinch (it has me).

The Attachments

Attachments for the stainless steel Wahl Beard Trimmer with Lithium Ion Battery 2.0+

This trimmer comes with all the attachments lengths you’ll need. They’re precise and pointed to aid a smooth trim. Other trimmers have a rounded tip which doesn’t work as well. I love these pointed attachments which contributes to a better, faster trim.

Just because Wahl is so cool, they provide a small bottle of blade lubricating oil as well plus ear and nose trimmer attachment.


Pouch for the Wahl Beard Trimmer

Most decent trimmers provide a handy pouch for all the attachments. Wahl didn’t skimp in this. The pouch is plenty big to fit all the attachments. It drives me nuts when the pouch is a tad too small so you have to finangle everything just right in order to zip it shut. Not so with this – just dump everything in and it’ll easily zip shut.

Long cord

You also get a fairly long cord for when you need to use it plugged in and you don’t have an outlet nearby.

Can this trim hair as well?

You bet it can. It’s a beard and hair trimmer. It’s narrow like the typical beard trimmer design but it’ll motor through hair as well.


Wahl Beard Trimmer Ratings
  • Cutting Efficiency
  • Accessories & Attachments
  • Battery
  • Overall

I love this trimmer. I’ve used it dozens of times and it’s one of the best-cutting, fastest, longest-charge trimmers I’ve used.


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