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    Beard Wash vs. Shampoo for a Clean Beard – What’s Better?

    Many beard enthusiasts use facial soap or shampoo to wash their beards. Most don’t realize that their beard should be treated differently than the hair on their head. That’s right, you should be using a beard wash because it’s specifically designed to be gentler. It will not strip your beard of natural oils which can […] More

  • Braun Multi-Grooming Kit

    Braun Multi Grooming Kit Review (Easy-to-Use, But Is It Good?)

    I’ll come out and say it straight. I had a hard time trimming my bushy beard with the Braun Multi-Grooming Kit trimmer. I have the MGK3045. Related models include the MGK5080, MGK5045 and the MGK3060. I admit my beard was somewhat longish (about an inch), but this Braun trimmer simply couldn’t manage. I spent way […] More

  • Beard styles chart showing 27 different beard options

    27 Most Popular Types of Beards

    Welcome to our epic beard styles article. Above is our beard styles chart with 27 beard diagrams. Below we explain each style. Related: Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000 review Chin Curtain Another look popular in the Amish community, the chin curtain is a cleaner, more tailored version of the Old Dutch, without the goatee. Like the […] More

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    16 Moustache Styles and Names (Chart and Illustrations)

    Welcome to our epic mustache styles article, chart (above) and illustrations. Learn all the different mustache styles and names associated with illustrations as examples. Chevron This is really the ideal mustache if you want a full look that is bushy and large, but don’t want it to completely cover your upper lip. While you can […] More